Vincent J.F. Huang received his MFA from Gray’s School of Art, Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland in 2000 and worked in the department of visual communications in ShuTe University of Taiwan, as a senior art lecturer, from 2001 to 2006. Huang has been selected as the artist-in-residence by the AIR Program of Pier2 Art District at Kaohsiung (Taiwan), Duolun Museum of Modern Art in Shanghai (China), Artspace in Sydney (Australia) and the Arctic Circle Project(Norway). He was also the visiting scholar in Zhu Qizhan Art Museum of Shanghai in 2007.

Since 2010, Huang began working with Tuvalu, a small South Pacific island that is facing the risk of becoming uninhabitable due to sea level rise. He represented Tuvalu as an official delegate to participate in the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) COP 18 in Doha, Qatar and COP 19 in Warsaw, Poland in 2012 and 2013, respectively. In the following year, Huang represented Tuvalu at the 55th Venice Biennale and took part in The Arctic Circle led by The Farm Foundation for the Arts & Sciences (FFAS). His international engagement through artistic expression eventually earned him domestic recognition as he received the 7th Presidential Cultural Award in 2013, the most prestigious cultural award in Taiwan.

Huang currently works and lives between Venice and Taipei and devotes much of his artistic efforts into environmental issues relevant to people’s everyday lives. He applies the idea of “social sculpture” (by German artist Joseph Beuys) through his dedication to bringing issues into an art campaign involving the public’s participation while aiming to raise attention to climate change. He is skillful in combining mobile and interactive installation with black humor to elicit human introspection in today’s unsustainable plunder economy. The depiction of “endangered animals” in his works to represent the fragility of small islands, as any living creature on the earth, is Huang’s endeavor to use art in hopes of finding a “promised land” before Tuvalu eventually becomes uninhabitable one day.

Huang’s exhibitions have extended to many parts of the world: UK, USA, Germany, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Poland, China, Australia, Qatar, Peru, Brazil, Malaysia, Tuvalu and Taiwan.


Year on year, the impacts of climate change are hard to see: air temperatures warming by a few tenths of a degree here, sea levels rising by a few millimeters there. This poses a challenge to the artists who tackle climate change – a challenge that Taiwan’s Vincent J.F. Huang addresses by steamrolling right over it…

The Wall Street Journal


First New York, then other cities around the world. Now the Occupy movement has spread underwater and it doesn’t even involve humans.

Taiwanese artist Vincent J.F. Huang has created an installation that uses marine animals to examine the burgeoning protest movement. “The Atlantis Project," which is on exhibit at Artspace in Sydney, Australia, features a number of marine animals “occupying" models of famous world landmarks.

Through the course of the exhibit, the aquarium’s coral will continue to grow “until the life-sustaining resources of the aquarium are fully consumed," and the coral loses its pigment. The aquarium and the life it contains are a microcosm, according to a press release. “The project metaphorically represents the limitations of earth’s resources.

Huffington Post


The Biennale seeps into every nook and cranny of the city, and the year won’t be the only odd thing about it. For artists, the chance to represent their countries at the Venice Biennale can be a career-making moment. The path to greatness isn’t easy, however, and neither is the art, which is typically conceptual, avant-garde…Of the 88 nations represented by national pavilions, 10 are exhibiting for the first time…The installation by Vincent J.F. Huang, representing Tuvalu involves suicidal penguins.



Tavalu’s entry for the Venice Art Biennale next week will see artist Vincent J F Huang raising awareness of the climate crisis engulfing the island with his massive oil pump interactive/slaughter machine. People fill up for “petrol" while simultaneously “guillotining" Barack Obama’s head.

The Independent


For its pavilion, Tuvalu has taken the opposite approach and will show the work of a single artist. “Destiny。Intertwined,” curated by An-Yi Pan, Szu Hsien-Li, and Shu Ping Shih, will present the work of Vincent J.F. Huang, an eco-artist who works in London and Taipei and has previously drawn attention to Tuvalu’s plight with artwork presented at the U.N. Conference on Climate Change in Copenhagen in 2009. In his artist’s statement, Huang points out that although Tuvalu has one of the lowest levels of carbon emissions in the world, it is on track to be one of the first countries disastrously affected by global warming.




The tiny Pacific nation of Tuvalu this year has a presence at the Venice Biennale, intent on raising awareness about the climate crisis threatening to engulf it. Tuvalu’s Government has teamed up with a Taiwanese artist (Vincent J.F. Huang) who uses dark humour to convey the nation’s environmental messages.



In addition to his artistic contribution to the conference, Huang is also an official delegate for the island nation of Tuvalu…Huang was drawn to the country because of what he saw as its tragic situation: a non-industrialised country that produces nearly zero carbon emissions would be perhaps the first to perish as a consequence of emissions…To further press home his message, Huang has arranged for animals ‘to host a press conference’ today at 1.30pm to convey their message to the human delegates at COP18/CMP8 Doha. Huang said that the “animal media” – Penguin TV and Polar Bear TV – will be attending but human media, as well as curious participants, were welcome to attend.



This is the first time animals have participated at the UNFCCC,” Vincent Huang, the artist, said with utter earnestness.

Mr. Huang is a Taiwanese artist who uses dark humour involving cuddly animals to bring home a serious message about climate change: that the world’s wildlife doesn’t have a voice in the debate on human effects on the environment, even though animals are perhaps the most severely affected.

“The environment doesn’t only belong to human beings; we have to count the penguin in,” Mr. Huang said.

– UNFCCC COP18 ‘s Official Press


Two glass penguins and a stuffed polar bear have been ‘hanged’ from the Millennium Bridge as part of a project to raise awareness of climate change.

The artwork was created by Vincent Huang, who lives and works in Taipei and Shanghai, as part of an ongoing art installation using penguins.




2007~  General Secretary, Contemporary Art Club, CEIBS,  Shanghai, PRC
2005    Curator, Art Space, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan
2001    Senior Art Lecturer, Dept. of Visual Communication, ShuTe University,Taiwan
2000    MFA, Gray’s School of Art, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, U.K.
1998    Commercial Art Degree, National Taichung Institute of Technology, Taiwan
1971    Born in Taiwan

Prizes, Awards and Residencies

2013      Selected to participate The Arctic Circle
2011      Resident of the AIR Programme, Artspace, Sydney, Australia
2005      Resident of the AIR Programme, Duolun MoMA, Shanghai, China
2003      Resident of the  AIR Programme, Pier-2 Art District, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2001      Laureate of New Talent Award, Art Taipei 2001, Taiwan

Solo Exhibitions & Projects

2014 Polar bear Refugees, Lanyang Museum, Taiwan

2014 Tuvalu Pavilion@Taipei MoCA
2013  Animal Delegates, UNFCCC COP19, Warsaw, Poland
2012 Animal Delegates, UNFCCC COP18, Doha, Qatar
2012 Destination of Capitalism, North Cape Art Centre, Taipei, Taiwan
2012 Floating polarbear, Tuvalu
2011 Modern Atlantis, Artspace, Sydney
2010 Habeas Corpus (performance), The Vaad Gallery, London, UK
2010 Tuvalutis (Performance), Tuvalu Islands, South Pacific
2010 The Short Straw, National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan
2010 Silence and the City, Eight Bank, London, UK
2010 Silence, The Multiple Store / Westbrook Gallery, London, UK
2009 The Last Penguins, Lim Museum, Taipei
2008 The Last Penguins, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan
2008 The Last Penguins, Wilson Art Centre, Shanghai, China
2007 An Inconvenient Melting, CEIBS, Shanghai, China
2007 Melting Penguin, Creek Art Centre, Shanghai, China
2005 The Day After Tomorrow, Duolun MoMA, Shanghai, China
2005 Brave New World, Art Space, Academia Sinica,, Taipei, Taiwan
2003 Balefire Project (Performance), roof of Love River Hotel, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2003 Balefire –Dedicated to SARS Virus, ArtSpace, Academia Sinica, Taipei
2002 Flying Lantern Project, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
2001 The IT, The Cultural Gallery of National Concert Hall, Taipei
2000 Mind the GAP, MA Show, Grays School of Art, Aberdeen, UK
2000 Decomposed City, Edinburgh, UK

Selected Group Exhibitions & Projects
2014 JIE-The Contemporary Art from Taiwan, Cornell University, NY, USA
2013  The Arctic Circle, Norway
2012 Example to Follows! Iberlia Contemporary Art Center, Beijing, China
2011 Art Bin, South London Gallery, UK
2010 Beyond Vision, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan
2010 Animamix Biennial, GuangDong Museum of Art, China
2009 Enliven – In Between Realities and Fiction, Animamix 
Biennial, Today Art Museum,  Beijing, China
2009 Boondocks, International Art project, Hannover, Germany
2008 The Last Penguins, Art Expo Malaysia
2008 The Last Penguins, Shanghai Art Fair
2008 The Last Penguins, Art Taipei
2006 Double-click, Tang Art Centre, Beijing, China
2005 e-Generation, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, Taiwan
2005 2 Europes, 2 Asias, Duolun MoMA, Shanghai, China
2005 All Quiet on the Western Front, 20th Art District, Taipei
2004 Taiwan Avant-garde Documenta 2, HauShan Art District, Taiwan
2003 Residency Artists Group Exhibition, the Pier-2 Art District, Taiwan
2003 Oil and Water, the Pier-2 Art District, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2003 Searching for the Track of Future, Academia SINICA, Taipei
2002 Pure, Sinpin Pier Art Space, Taiwan
2000 Pause, Lemon Tree Gallery, Aberdeen, UK
2000 Group Exhibition by Aberdeen Artists, Bridgeview Gallery, Aberdeen, UK
2000 Scottish Art Colleges Exhibition, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh, UK
2000 The Ida Branson Memorial Bequest Exhibition, Atkinson Gallery, Somerset, U.K.
1999 The Christmas Tree Project, Aberdeen Art Gallery, Aberdeen, UK
1999 Visual Arts Scotland, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh, UK


Public Collections:
Duolun MoMA, Shanghai, China
The National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, Taiwan
National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan
The Art Space, Academia SINICA, Taipei, Taiwan
The Council for Cultural Affairs, Taiwan

Corporate / Private Collections: Asia, Europe, Middle East


藝術家  黃瑞芳

1971年出生於臺灣南投,2000年畢業於英國蘇格蘭格瑞斯藝術學院美術碩士,2001至2006年專任高雄樹德科技大學視覺傳達系;曾獲選為高雄駁二藝術特區、上海多倫現代美術館、東京千代田藝術中心、澳洲ARTSPACE及北極藝術圈航行駐地藝術家。2013年底以長期透過環境藝術關注全球氣候議題,影響力跨越國界,獲選為臺灣兩年一度之國家最高文化獎項 — 總統文化獎。

目前專職創作於威尼斯與臺北兩地,其創作素來關注全球時政,作品常蘊含了對「環境生態危機」和「文明去向」問題的深度思考。探討工業革命以來,人類以文明發展為名,大肆消耗化石能源與建構的消費文明價值觀。 「當極端氣候於全球各地肆虐,藝術該如何切入這個世界性的議題,進而發揮社會改革功能?」這是黃瑞芳致力「環境藝術」近二十年的長期關注並自我反思的課題。他以德國藝術家波伊斯所提的「社會雕塑」概念,致力將他所關注的氣候與環境議題變遷轉化為一種個人實踐與民眾參與式的藝術行動,藉以喚醒人們對於全球環境議題的關懷。

2010年首度遠赴南太平洋吐瓦魯島國創作,親眼見證暖化後海水平面上升之威脅,2012年更於英國凱特王妃訪吐時,再赴吐國。亦於同年起獲邀以吐瓦魯國政府代表身份兩度參與聯合國氣候峰會UNFCCC COP,也於2013及2015年兩度參展威尼斯雙年展。與紐約古根漢美術館策展人合作以莊子逍遙遊概念轉化成當代概念裝置作品 -“水淹國家館”,獲上百家國際主流媒體聚焦。透過藝術力量,為蕞爾島國爭取全球正視其面對海平面升高之滅國危機。


黃瑞芳藝術實踐的腳步,從氣候變遷最前線的南太平洋島國,一路延伸到見證冰層巨量融蝕的北極藝術航行計畫,透過創作與展覽,向世人提出了一個大哉問:「當代文明發展是指向明日的美麗新世界? 或是沖向災難與崩潰的終點?」

   黃瑞芳近年重要展覽於美國、英國、德國、義大利、中國、澳洲、中東、巴西、波蘭、瑞典及臺灣,其擅於以多元形式結合行動及裝置藝術,嘲諷批判全球環境生態危機,2009年起作品屢獲BBC、ABC、SBS、路透社、華爾街日報、紐約時報、英國獨立報、法國世界報、解放報、卡達海灣時報、美國哈芬頓郵報AOL、ArtReview 及ArtInfo等國際媒體報導。


年復一年,氣候變遷對於人類所造成的影響已不再顯而易見:哪裡的平均溫度又提升了幾十分之一度,或者某處的海平面又上升了 幾毫米。這對於投身於氣候變遷議題的環境藝術家來說確實是個挑戰,但臺灣藝術家黃瑞芳卻以壓倒性氣勢展現絕佳詮釋…(01.2014) – 華爾街日報

十多年來,這位臺灣藝術家透過他的作品評論文明對環境的影響。 藉由繪畫、雕塑與裝置藝術,結合威脅全球變遷特定的場景以及象徵性的動物,以達成利用視覺藝術提高公眾意識的目的。(05.2010)- 法國世界報- Le Monde

先是紐約,接著透過其他世界大城市,現今的佔領運動已潛入 深水中且非關人類。臺灣藝術家黃瑞芳創作了一裝置,運用海洋生物探討急速抗議活動。 【亞特蘭提斯計畫】在澳洲悉尼的 ART SPACE展出,使用多種海洋生物「佔領」世界各大知名地標。於展期間,水族箱的珊瑚持 續生長,直到箱內的活體資源全然殆盡後,珊瑚便開始褪色。新聞稿載明,此活體生態裝置代表著小宇宙,而其內的生命則隱喻 地球所能夠給予人類的有限資源。(05.2013) – 哈芬頓郵報

雙年展的藝術精神已逐漸滲透了城市的各個角落,而今年又為奇數年的展年將如何為大家揭開奇妙的序幕呢?威尼斯雙年展對於藝術家而言,不僅是代表國家參展的絕佳機會,也同時讓世界看見自己,對於造就個人的藝術生涯也佔有相當關鍵的影響。成就得來不易,就連藝術作品也多半是以概念取向甚至是前衛作風當道就今年將展出的 88 個國家中,有其中十個是首次參展…黃瑞芳的裝置藝術【上吊企鵝】,將代表吐瓦魯參展(05.2013)- CNN

代表吐瓦魯參加威尼斯雙年展的藝術家黃瑞芳,將使用巨大鑽油機與民眾互動。在啟動加油槍的同時,另一端的斷頭臺裝置也即刻處決歐巴馬,藉此揶揄創意裝置提高對於環境變遷吞噬小島嶼國家帶來的危機意識。(05.2013) – 英國獨立報

吐瓦魯的(威尼斯雙年展)展場將採取截然不同的呈現方式,並展出唯一一位元藝術家的作品。【命運。交織】由策展人潘安儀策劃展出環境藝術家黃瑞芳的作品。黃瑞芳目前專職創作於臺北與倫敦,並於聯合國氣候變化綱要公約第十五次締約國大會上(2009)注意到吐瓦魯所面臨的滅國困境,始與其展開密切的環境藝術合作。黃瑞芳指出,縱使吐瓦魯為全球最低排碳量國家之一,但因全球暖化所受到的威脅卻是極度需要迫切關注。(04.2013) – BLOUIN ARTINFO

小島嶼國家吐瓦魯今年於威尼斯雙年展佔有一席之地,期盼能透過政府的支持結合藝術力量與臺灣藝術家(黃瑞芳)以黑色幽 默傳遞島國所面臨的環境議題並提升全球意識對於氣候危機所造 成其之滅國威脅。(06.2013) – 澳洲國家廣播公司- ABC

除了對氣候峰會的藝術貢獻,黃瑞芳以島國吐瓦魯正式代表身份出席此次會議,緣對於非工業化國家為零碳排放量產地卻要首 先面臨滅國危機之景況深感不舍。因此,於今日午後 1:30 黃瑞芳 將與動物們共同主持記者會,並傳達寶貴的環境意識及關注。知 名「動物媒體」企鵝電視公司與北極熊電臺已確定將出席,歡迎 其他各大媒體或有興趣的參與者一同共襄盛舉。(12.2012) – Gulf Times

兩具玻璃纖維企鵝與一大型北極熊玩偶懸吊於千禧橋,作為提高 環境變遷意識的計畫。此作品為現居臺北與上海的專職藝術家黃瑞芳之創作,是其以企鵝為主的裝置藝術計畫三部曲之一。(02.2010) – 英國廣播公司


1971                 出生於臺灣,目前於臺北/威尼斯創作

2000               英國蘇格蘭 格瑞斯藝術學院美術碩士

2001~2006    任教高雄樹德科技大學視覺傳達系

2005               上海多倫現代美術館 駐館藝術家

2006              上海朱屺瞻美術館訪問學者

2007               上海中歐國際工商學院07 EMBA高層企管碩士

2007~           中歐校友會當代藝術俱樂部秘書長
2013              獲臺灣 總統文化獎


2000  【解構城市】 英國愛丁堡

2002  【上達天聽 — 天燈計畫】臺灣 國立交通大學藝文空間

2003  【狼煙計畫】臺灣高雄愛河飯店樓頂 (Performance)

2005  【明天過後】上海多倫現代美術館

2006  【全球一體化-消失與崛起】臺灣成功大學 藝文中心

2007  【融化的企鵝】上海蘇河現代藝術中心

2008  【融化前的浪漫】上海張江高科園區 惠生藝術中心

2008  【末代企鵝】臺灣 中央研究院

2010  【Silence】英國倫敦 Westbrook Gallery

2010  【Silence and the City】英國倫敦 BankEight

2010  【吐瓦魯提斯】Funafuti, 吐瓦魯 南太平洋

2011  【亞特蘭提斯】澳洲悉尼ARTSPACE
2012  【皇家吐瓦魯計畫】Funafuti, 吐瓦魯 南太平洋
2012  【Animal Delegates】聯合國氣候變遷峰會 卡達杜哈
2013  【命運。交織】第55屆威尼斯雙年展 吐瓦魯國家館
2013  【The Arctic Circle】 北極藝術計畫-紐約土地科學基金會

2013    聯合國氣候變遷峰會 波蘭華沙

2013  【威尼斯雙年展吐國館續篇】 臺北當代藝術館

2015  【CROSSSING THE TIDE】威尼斯雙年展 吐瓦魯國家館


1999 【蘇格蘭視覺藝術展】 英國愛丁堡 皇家蘇格蘭學院

1999 【蘇格蘭亞伯丁聖誕藝術展】蘇格蘭亞伯丁市立美術館

2000 【英國艾達布朗森當代藝術展】 英格蘭 Atkinson Gallery

2000 【蘇格蘭亞伯丁藝術家聯展】 蘇格蘭 Bridgeview Gallery

2000 【英國格瑞斯藝術學院藝研所聯展】 蘇格蘭 Lemon Tree Gallery

2001 【臺北國際藝術博覽會】 首屆TAF新人獎得主聯展

2002 【純展覽】臺灣高雄 新濱碼頭藝文空間

2003 【搜尋未來片段的軌跡】臺灣中央研究院 生圖美學空間

2003 【駁二駐村藝術家聯展】高雄 駁二藝術特區

2004 【臺灣前衛文件展 CO4 — 幻想與物】臺北 華山創意園區

2005 【E術誕生】臺灣台中 國立臺灣美術館

2005 【兩個歐洲兩個亞洲 — 國際當代藝術展】上海多倫現代美術館

2006 【西線無戰事】臺灣台中 二十號鐵道倉庫

2006 【二踢腳 當代藝術展】中國 北京唐人當代藝術中心

2008 【末代企鵝】上海國際藝術博覽會

2008 【末代企鵝】英國利物浦雙年展

2008 【末代企鵝】馬來西亞國際藝術博覽會

2009 【叢林地帶】德國漢諾威國際當代藝術展

2009 【動漫美學雙年展】北京今日美術館

2010 【動漫美學雙年展】廣東美術館

2010 【Art bin】英國倫敦 South London Gallery

2011 【Silence】英國倫敦 The Hospital
2012 【Snowball】聯合國教科文/德國浮士德藝術館
2012 【 Examples to follow!】中國北京伊比利亞當代藝術中心
2013 【 Examples to follow!】PUEBLA, MEXICO

2014 【美國康乃爾大學當代藝術展】強生美術館

2014 【 Examples to follow!】秘魯大都會博物館

2015  【黑天鵝】巴西 里約熱內盧雙年展

2016  【動物難民】瑞典氣候永續論壇

2016  KUSO 內華達大學畫廊 美國 拉斯維加斯

2003    高雄駁二藝術特區
2005    上海多倫現代美術館 國際藝術家駐館計畫
2011    文建會視覺藝術人才出國駐村及交流計畫-澳洲雪梨ARTSPACE
2013   【The Arctic Circle】 北極藝術航行計畫

2015    日本東京千代田藝術中心


2000 臺北駐愛丁堡辦事處 / 英國BBC Scotland作品典藏


2004臺灣新竹 國立交通大學作品典藏




2009德國Kunsthalle Faust, Hannover

1999-2016歐洲/亞洲/中東 私人典藏


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